Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Work in Progress

Just finishing up a few projects - for Sara. It seems like she is the one that receives/claims all of the handmade items around here. She wanted one of these dolls, with the white hair. Now she just needs to have her dress made and tea dyed for that antique look. Something for her/something for me - I love old/antique things. The part that I'm the most thrilled about is that I was able to use my snap press for the eyes. They are a little bigger than the doll on the pattern - what do you think? Now I'm chomping at the bit to make a few red headed raggedy anne dolls - antique of course.
More frillyness...I talked Sara into a book bag rather than a backpack for school this year. To my surprise, she picked out some frilly colors. Like me she's a tomboy at heart, but she's not afraid to express her girly side either. The inside of the bag is pink paisley and the flap and shoulder strap are a blue and green plaid. It all goes together really well. I'm thinking about stitching an S on the flap - sort of the same style as the L that Laverne used to have on her shirts. Then comes the button or snap question. It's calling out for a nice big button on the front, but I'm wondering if a snap or two would be a little more practical. It's the whole form over function thing. I'm more of a function over form person. Hopefully I'll have some finished pictures soon.
The blue floral and pink paisley fabric are hand-me-down Ikea fabrics from my mom - thanks Mom!

1 comment:

  1. I love the doll! The eyes are great!

    As for Sara's handbag snap/button thing, what if you had the button acting as a decoration, and have the bag snap shut since snaps are quicker?

    I love that floral material in your bottom pic!