Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 1st - is it the 2nd Already?

I love quilting. It's that simple. I love the entire process - picking out fabric, choosing a pattern or coming up with one of my own, piecing the top, actually quilting the quilt and even sewing on the binding. The "There's No Place Like Home" quilt was so fulfilling. The self satisfaction when I look at it is amazing and brings a smile to my face every time. While it's been up at the quilt show, I've enjoyed spying on people as they've admired and explored all of the details. Nothing could be better - well, receiving the People's Choice Award wasn't so bad either!

The quilt show is coming to an end, baseball season is trickling out and a new month is here with all of it's promises. July promises to bring a few different friends from out of state that we haven't seen in years, soccer season, a new city pool with slides and the works, and most importantly it has already brought me a 14 year old. Aaron turned 14 yesterday and boy do I feel old. How is that even possible? 13 was a cute I'm a teenager age, but 14 and taller than me is just strange. I also feel a larger sense of the little time that we have left with him until he's out of the nest. For now we'll enjoy all of the bikes and skateboards that we trip over each day and not worry about the steps that need to be redone or the driveway that could use a make over. Besides, all my money is wrapped up in braces, clothes and sports. Although, a little weeding wouldn't hurt.

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  1. my daughter is turning 15 this month! and i feel the same way you do, that i want to treasure the time we have together at home.