Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wood Chesters

We have an exciting announcement - our new wood shop is open! When I say we, I mean my family - all 5 of us. We needed to whittle away some of the wee hours of the summer and our creativity was burning a hole in our brains, thus the creation of WoodChesters our new Etsy shop.Chester is the nickname that my dad picked up sometime when I was a teenager. He loves wood and has sparked that same love in all of us. So, we've pulled out the scroll saw, dusted off the belt sander and have set to work on creating some wooden toys. Hmm...maybe with a little sweet talking we can get Chester himself to create a few things for the shop.Wish us luck!


  1. Those look GREAT! Congratulations on your new family business!

  2. Good luck - your projects are cute!!

    I have a scrollsaw too - I don't use it as much as I used to (I do far more sewing now), but I love cutting out simple little ornaments to paint for Christmas - I use cookie cutters for patterns, lol. I've also made a few bird ornaments to hang on trees - there's a set of free patterns at if you're interested (no affiliation, they're just free patterns I've used before).