Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Packin' my bags and leavin'

I'm off to Saint George on Friday to meet my dear friend Anne. Our "girl's vacation" is about 4 years over due. The last time we went away together, we went camping at King's Canyon. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the little things - like no one to cook for no one to clean up after. We left all 7 kids - my 3, her 4 - along with the dads to fend for themselves. That was a few years and a few kids ago (0 for me, 3 for her). Now that we live in different states the logistics are a little different. While all 10 kids are begging to go with us or at least to go to one or other of the houses to be together, they're all staying in their own state, with their own dads and only the phone and email to commiserate.

While we loved camping, we've opted for a hotel and Zion's National Park. Nature by day, showers and restaurants by night.

I will miss you all - for the whole 3 days that I'm gone. I'm bowing out early because tomorrow will be a made furry of packing, cleaning, baseball and loving on my kids and hubby. Oh, the bag - I did a little machine stitching with the stippling foot.


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