Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly

We just finished the last day of school and for Josh, the last day of elementary school. 6th grade graduation... how exciting... and how sad. We've also had a lot going on this week including a death in the family on my side and my hubby's side. It's been an emotional roller coaster - I think the caterpillar saying says it all.

It seems the only crafting I've been able to get to lately is making pads. Which is great, but there is definitely a quilt in my future. Oh...and I almost forgot that it's about time to share my "There's No Place Like Home"quilt with you. Just a few finishing touches and it will be ready for the local quilt show. Oh...another thing I almost forgot...I've finally made the plunge and bought some PUL. It's the waterproof layer that you can sew into pads. I had been putting it off thinking that it would be a plasticy, sweaty material. Boy was I wrong. It's just like any other fabric, soft, bendy....with a shinny side that is the water proofing. I've got a set made and up in the shop - Chocolate Gum Drop - cute!


  1. Cute colors on the Chocolate Gum Drop!

    Sorry to hear about the deaths in your families. I hope they were super old and happy to go....

    And I have been waiting FOREVER to see your quilt, so hurry! I can't wait much longer!

  2. I think the caterpillar is beautiful. Not only does it say it all its great and i think im going to apply it to alot of things!