Friday, May 2, 2008

Fairies, Pads and Ducks...oh my

Fairy Hunting anyone? Of course we are going to use the catch and release method. First you sprinkle a little Fairy dust to attract them, then you slip the little net over them before they fly away.
After seeing a Fairy kit in a store which was way too expensive for a little glitter, Sara and I decided that we could make our own kit. I picked up the glitter and a dowel at our local craft store - could've used a stick but didn't think of it until just now - grabbed some wire that we had laying around, a couple of tiny rubber bands from Aaron's braces (he never wears them anyway), some string and a crochet hook. It came together very nicely and has been so much fun. The glitter is already about half gone, but for some reason we haven't seen any fairies yet.

In pad news, there is this funny little article at Christopher and Tia that featured a picture of a set of my pads. It was so flattering and exciting to see it there. I've also joined a group of talented ladies over at Universal Mama. There is a good variety of items all mama made.

My brother went on a trip to NY. He sent beautiful pictures of landscapes, ponds, the Statue of Liberty, buildings...they were beautiful. I would have to say that the wildlife pictures were by far my favorite...This was a gift shop.Apparently with air conditioning and a rear entrance. Ashamedly I admit that I've always had a fondness-OK, a sick fondness- for bathroom humor, butt -he he- it's something that I'm trying to overcome for the sake of my children, so I'll nip it in the bud and put an end to my comments here - sorry, I couldn't help myself. Oh, if you could only hear all of the cleaver comments, references and puns that remain constipated in my mind -sorry, I let another one fly. OK, I think I'm done now...really, I'll just let go...I mean I'll let you go and finish your business. I really do's a sickness, really, it just runs out. Now I've thoroughly em-bare-assed myself... I'm flushed. - ugh! I really am sorry..really, I am.


  1. I don't know how I ended up here but what a great laugh I had. Thanks for that!!!!

  2. That is one cool-assed duck!

  3. That is an AWESOME!!! (David is totally horrified ;)