Friday, April 11, 2008

Octopus and Seaweed Recipe

You know the question...Mom what's for dinner? Followed by an answer, any answer, then..."oh, do we have to have that?" So when the question is asked of me, I usually answer "pickled pigs feet." The way I see it, anything that we have is going to be better than pickled pigs feet - no disappointment.

Last night the kids asked again, "Mom what's for dinner?" The reply, "Octopus and Seaweed". While they were a taken back a little that it wasn't the typical pickled pigs feet answer, they weren't fooled at all.

Kids: No, really
Me: Really
Kids: Whatever

Then I served dinner...Octopus and Seaweed...really. A 13 year old girl at church gave me the idea. She said the kids always want her to babysit because she makes them Octopus and Seaweed for dinner. What a great kid's dinner recipe. All you do is cut the bottom of hot dogs - I only use Hebrew National-and drop them in a pan of boiling water. The leg curl up on their own. Then you make ramen and add a little green food coloring. OK, so it's not the most nutritious meal, but it is a fun dinner. Maybe add some sea veggies next time.


  1. Too awesome! Maybe I'll make it for lunch tomorrow!

  2. OMG this is my kids fav as well. I did in home daycare for years and this meal by far was their favorite meal.