Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mom's in Pick-ups...or...Missing Vegas

I am declaring myself a official member of the unofficial Mom's in Pick-ups Club. This lovely gas crisis has caused men everywhere to commandeer their wife's mini-vans in an effort to save gas/money. That has left us at home with the truck.Who's with me? I know I'm not alone here. Yesterday while walking out of the post office I saw another women trying to jump up into the drivers seat - not an easy task for when you're only 5'2", which I'm just realizing is only 3 inches taller than an official little person - me not her- but I digress. Not only do I have to jump in, but it's a stick and the seat is a bench which is near impossible to move forward in order to reach the pedals without a person on the passenger side. Oh, and the bonus feature. Apparently it attracts bees and wasps. But rest assured, my husband assures me that he's only been stung once while driving. His instructions...don't drive with the window open because they'll fly in...and don't run the air because it wastes'll probably get hot so when you pick up the kids you might just want to stand outside of the truck while you're waiting....and if you run out of gas, just click that button, I think there is gas in the other tank. What is this thing a camel?

While looking for a picture of the truck, I could only find this one which was taken in Vegas. It was so hot there, I never thought I would miss it. But can I just tell you, dear reader (Jane Eyre) I do. Just to the left where the other cars are parked was the community pool. That's where Sara and I would go every morning when the boys were in school. She would swim and play while I exercised and visited with Joanne, Kay and Arnie. Sometimes Robin or Bikini Robin - there were two Robins so we had to distinguish between the two - or another visitor would come. We had great fun and laughed the whole time. On the weekends or during track break when the kids were home, we would stay out there all day and even send someone off to get lunch. I do miss those times. I was in way better shape, tan, and surrounded by friends daily. I'm definitely solar powered and friend fed. Well, I'd better go for a walk or call someone before I get depressed!

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