Thursday, April 10, 2008

It has arrived!

After waiting around all day, I finally went to lunch with my hubby and came home to find this on my doorstepWell, the box was sitting on my doorstep and after a lot of tugging, pulling and a little squealing on my part, we had the beast out of the box and put together. What is it you ask? It's my industrial snap press.
Of course I tried it out right away and I couldn't be more pleased. They go on with almost no effort and I've tugged and pulled and they don't pop off! Plus, I bought the poly resin snaps so they won't rust. And I still have the option to use the metal snaps-love options.

Don't you just love the indented pencil marks on the kitchen table? We knew going in that the table would be well used, so we went for one with that "distressed" look. It's distressed, I'm not.
In my haste to document this monumental moment, the pictures suffered a little. The table could also use a little polishing, but you get the idea. I had made this set of undyed pads for Melody and was just waiting to add those snaps. I'll give them to her tomorrow and she has no idea they are coming...unless she happens by my blog tonight. Note to Melody: If you read this, just act surprised tomorrow and I'll never know.

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  1. They are beautiful and soft and wonderful!!! Thank you so much!