Monday, April 14, 2008

April is in Love With April

I'm up way too late, so I'm not sure how this post is going to go....The first signs of spring are finally here. Snow still frosts the tips of the mountains, but the temperature is starting to rise. We spent much of our time outside this weekend. Noticing all of the little buds, and flowers that seemed to have opened over night. They are kind of like children that way. One day they are just a little sprout, then the next time you turn around they are blooming into this incredible person...

Sunday we walked to church. There's something so romantic about going for a walk with a skirt on swaying in the light breeze. Lunch fixed up by the hubby, a little hand sewing and tossing the ball around a little at the park made for a wonderful day.
The troops are home for spring break this week, and we have absolutely nothing planned. I love those kind of days. The boys were off at a friends, so Sara and I took a little trip down town. Diego dropped us off at the fabric store, while he headed out for a meeting. We lulled the morning away shopping, walking down center street and talking about everything. My favorite part was when Sara pointed out that since I have no sisters and she has no sisters, it's like we're each other's sisters. We had an ice cream and waited in the park for Dad to come pick us up.

The afternoon was a little more hectic with orders being filled and the new snaps being photographed, dinner and the usual family craziness. Now I'm exhausted...but in a good way. Tomorrow I'll try to put a dent in that flat of strawberries that has been begging to be made into jam and canned.

Apparently staying up late has put me in a reflective romantic sort of mood. I don't seem to have mentioned the dishes that didn't get done, the teenage hormones, the chipmunk songs that wore on my nerves, how I had to listen to the same track of my audio book for 10 minutes because of interruptions, or the very late time that dinner was served.


  1. How do you can strawberries?

    I do enjoy reading your blog - thanks!

  2. I'm canning the jam that I'm going to make from the strawberries.