Friday, March 21, 2008

Serenity Now

Would you like to see a picture of the new quilt I'm working on? How about the "There's No Place Like Home Quilt" that I've almost finished? Or maybe a picture of the new grandma and grandpa wood dolls that are going up on Etsy? So would I - I can't upload any pictures because our computer is "in the shop" aka at our friend Steve's house. We're making due with Aaron's computer which has problems of it's own.

This morning I scratched it all and went for a walk with Sara.

OK, so we didn't actually walk through this field, but we imagined we were while we walked through the park to the library. If I did take my camera with me, I wouldn't have been able to upload the pictures anyway. It was so beautiful. Neighbors were starting their gardening, kids were riding their bikes, toddlers were at the park with their moms and bird were singing all around - and there were no computers to be seen! We got an extra treat when we got to Main Street. They are filming a movie and have fixed the historic part of the street up really cute. We were able to walk through the set and look around. It reminded me of home, not the cuteness of the street, but the filming of the movie - I did grow up in Burbank after all.

Here are my "star" sightings -

Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazard - he held the door for us and said good morning when were going into the Copper Penny.

Fred Savage from the Wonder Years - they filmed it at our high school when I was in high school

Mary Kate and Ashley - at the mall when they were about 13

Sylvester Stallone - when I was working at the equestrian center during a polo game. He said - hello - in that Rocky voice.

The weird lady from the Drew Carey show - in an elevator.

Jay Leno - at Fudruckers

Pat Sajak - we watched the Wheel of Fortune being filmed, I guess that means that I saw Vanna too.

Gary Coleman - when I was working for a balloon company and we were setting up for the Land Before Time premier. He had just used the ATM...and I was taller than him. I'm only 5'2". Which reminds me of the time that "Willis" tried to run over my husband, but that's another story and I wasn't there so it's not my sighting.

I think that's it other than a few people that were in smaller roles and the kids that we went to school with that appeared in a show here or there.

So much for the trivia of my to enjoy this beautiful weekend. Maybe I'll get my garden started.

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