Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wooden People

Last week found me wandering around at the thrift store - ahh such comfort. I have a system where I head to the "outdoor" area, even though it's indoor and look through all of the big items, baskets, frames, lamps and goodies, then I browse through the furniture on my way to glasses, dishes, other various house hold items, crafts, sheets and finally the books. I think I spent a good two hours in there.

I walked away with a few books, a thermos for the hubby, pictionary (an old version), and among other things a bag full - 150 to be exact - of wooden dolls! There were two bags and now that I've been fiddling around with them, I regret not buying the other bag. I did make a second trip and of course they were gone.

So I've been painting

And creating...

Taking others' advice - these were Josh's idea...

And, in the end, having a lot of fun

We played a heated game of pictionary, using some wooden dolls as game pieces. It was Sara's -8- turn to draw and she got one that she didn't know so she asked me what it was - a record I really feel old!


  1. They are so cute! And I once had a girl about 12 filling out a form at my counter at work ask me if she had to write in caps lock. I tried really hard not to laugh at her. Kids today!

  2. adam & eve are hilarious! found you through Providence Handmade. great work here!

  3. I likeit it is cool