Wednesday, February 27, 2008


While I was sick and resting, I finally had a chance to make the Sacajawea doll that I had planned on making for Sara for Christmas. I used a pattern from this book that I got at the library. Everything came together really well. The yarn that I used made the hair come out a little puffy for my liking, and I think next time I would stuff the head the little more.

I modified the coat pattern to make her dress and added some beading at the bottom.

Of course just when I thought I'd finished, Sara pointed out that she needed some moccasins. What was I thinking? She is soft and hugable and made a trip to school this morning.


  1. No moccasins? *gasp* lol, sorry doofus moment. She's adorable! I love her dress. I've always wanted to make a softie with hair but I am so not there yet.

  2. I don't think I'm there yet with the hair either, but I say just go for it.

  3. Is that the Nina Cloth Doll from the fantastic Japanese craft book? I have that book and two half-made dolls!