Monday, February 25, 2008

Making it through the night...

I finished this tea towel from Alicia's Free Pattern, and added my own saying rather than the days of the week for reasons that I mentioned in my last post. I think it came out really cute. Don't look too close at those stitches though.

The saying on it ran through my mind at about 3am Saturday. I couldn't get to sleep for some reason, so I was laying in bed awake when Sara came in crying that she didn't feel well. I heard some strange noises coming from her as she made a mad dash to the bathroom. I was running behind her and arrived just in time to see her get sick at the doorway of the bathroom. As I'm staring at the floor assessing the situation and trying not to get sick myself, I heard a little "sorry mom" come from further in the bathroom. My heart ached for my sick little girl who was worried about me while she was bending over the toilet.

Today I'm still nursing her back to health and pretending that I'm not getting it myself.

Oh, I almost forgot...I found a bread machine at a yard sale for $5, and made Amanda's WHO bread. That and some Jell-o for Sara should make us through the afternoon.


  1. oh no :-( hope the poor thing feels better.
    How was the WHO bread, I really want to make some. It sounded yum!

  2. Honestly it was sooo good! I have been on a bread making kick and my bread in the oven has been coming out dry and dense. The WHO bread in the bread die for!

  3. Oh April, just beautiful! I love the words. Perfect.

    So sorry to hear about the sick. Hopefully the bread and jello worked magic :-)