Monday, February 18, 2008

Budding Artist

If you can believe it, I found this awesome easel at the thrift store for $5. A little elbow grease, a few supplies bought with a Christmas gift card and Sara was in business.

I loved watching and capturing her creative process.



Going in for the next color

Waiting for the colors to dry before adding the next color was definitely a challenge for her, but she had a great time creating a few masterpieces

I've been making a few items for the Etsy Shop and have been working on a set of these. Since I have such a hard time keeping track of what day it is anyway, and my confidence in my ability to have the wash done so that I could have the appropriate towel up on it's day, and the fact that the towels come in a pack of 5 -and I only bought one pack- I decided to go with a little twist. I'm going to choose my favorite 5 designs and add the following sayings from a Little House Chapter book:

Ma was always cheerful while she worked.

Ma’s hands were quick and steady.

It seemed to Laura that no matter what Ma did, it always turned out perfectly.

Laura thought that Ma looked especially pretty while she hulled the corn.

Ma hummed softly to herself while she did the ironing.

The house was beautiful when Ma had finished.

Another problem is that I have 6 sayings and only 5 towels. Who knows, I may have to go in for that 2nd package of towels. I'm also thinking about going for some other pictures like corn or an ironing board. We'll see. Off to finish a book. Yah-I’m a little embarrassed that I’m reading it but a lot of people around me were talking about it and I thought I’d check it out. I know, it’s the 2nd book in the series, but I got sucked in what can I say?


  1. You are embarrassed that you are reading Little House on the Prairie?? They are the best books about simplifying your life and self-sufficiency that I have ever read. Soon you'll be raising, butchering, & smoking your own meat, sewing & mending your own clothes, raising a garden and making great meals, and voting Libertarian!

  2. Oh, I'm all over the Little House books! It was New Moon that embarrasses me a little :)

  3. Very nice find on the easel and she seems to be enjoying it! I remember getting a set of Little House to read when I was in first grade. They really did help foster a love of reading and 'identify' with someone else going through growing up :)

  4. I like your twist on the tea towels. I love the Little House too.