Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Long Lost Blog

Hello dear blog...did you miss me? I've been so caught up in everyday life, I've neglected you. Dishes, laundry, sick kids, family time, dog walks in the snow, prebirthdady frenzy, speed Scrabble, card making it's been so much fun - but oh how I've neglected you....

For the sake of posting a craft, I'll share Sara's puppet theater. Forgive the pictures, it was snowy and grey outside and in the made opening of presents I was able to snap a quick picture.I've seen a lot of puppet theaters out there and was inspired by some posted on the Bend the Rules Flickr Group, but since I haven't been able to buy the book yet, I went with this modified version. I made it from a science project board.

I had planned on making the puppets out of wool and felt, but in the end these cute little puppets from the dollar store (awful, I know) crept into my basket. I did make a drawstring bag to hold them all in.

One of my goals this year is to make all of my own cards. These are some robot cards that I made - kept a few and put some in my Etsy Shop.

One last thing...I'm in love with these and with this movie (thank's Mel, I had a great time).

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