Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It started out as a good day...

This morning was our "late" day, the day that Aaron doesn't have to be to school until 8:30. Of course this is our favorite day because we all get to sleep in an extra 30 minutes. Rise and Shine everyone was up, breakfast was made and their happy faces were out the door by 8:15. After shoveling snow, Dad took everyone to school with his breakfast burrito in hand. I had a few minutes to myself before I had to head off to the dentist, so I finished up this little napkin holder for the kitchen.

I cut the fabric into 12 inch squares and placed the ribbon in 2 1/2 inches and it came out to be the perfect size for napkins.

Dressed and ready to go, I headed out the door stopping in the drive way to snap a couple of pictures along the way...

What a crisp, beautiful day to enjoy the drive. I didn't even mind the cold weather - what's a little snow when there are so many fabric shops to visit on the way home. Along I drove with the Beatles playing in the background and visions of fabric dancing through my head.

Then I arrived (done done donnnnne) at the dentist's office, filled out the paper work, took those awful x-rays that pinch the inside of your mouth and thought, "wow, I'm done with the worst part. A few more minutes and I'm outta here." The excitement tickled my tummy a little and I lulled away the time waiting for the dentist to come by plotting out my shopping trip. Which store would be first? Do any of these little shops carry Japanese Fabrics?

The dentist came in, examined my teeth and muttered a bunch of stuff in dental code to the assistant. Then, "screeeetch" I physically heard my beautiful day coming to an abrupt end. What did he just say? Endio...isn't that a....Root Canal? What? You have to understand, one cavity as a child - one! When I was pregnant with Sara - she's 8 - I got a really bad cavity that resulted in a gold partial tooth, a root canal and finally in the loss of that tooth last year - I'm still in mourning. So now I have options - root canal which is not covered by my insurance or pull the tooth. ugh! Door number three please?

I was so shell shocked that I went into autopilot and without even thinking ended up at home. When I got here I realized that I hadn't stopped at any of the shops.

I've finally decided it's either Karma - all of those years of candy eating and no cavities while my brother avoided sugar and brushed relentlessly just to get a filling every dentist visit - I do admit that I teased him a little. Or it's this small town living. I've been here a year and my teeth are droppin' as bad as my "g's".

I've resigned myself to this...

(Notice the crocheted scarf and hat) Will ya still need me, will ya still feed me when I have no teeth?


  1. Thanks! Have you made any of these fabric boxes? They are addicting!