Thursday, December 27, 2007

Self Portrait

I think I'll just rest here in the muck with my eyes closed for a while and try to ignore the mess around me. How about you...there's some room right there next to me? Maybe when we open our eyes, all of the decorations will have been packed away and some of those extra pounds will have melted off.

Monday, December 24, 2007

And To All A Good Night

I picked this quilt up a couple of months ago at the local thrift store for $2.

Added a little gingham for ties and now it's hanging in the entry of our home.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Little Christmas Break

Some people hate having December birthdays, but having my birthday 8 days before Christmas has always been special to me. I do admit, it does make it a little hard on my family when it comes to finding that special something - twice! And, who wants to buy birthday wrapping paper when you have about 20 rolls of Christmas paper laying around. I do love the birthday wrapping paper though.

Yesterday, my hubby surprised me with a birthday do-over. My actual birthday was on Monday and we had way too much going on and while he didn't forget, it wasn't as special as he had planned. When he came home from work, he and the kids sang, "Happy day late birthday to you." It was cute. Then he gave me this wonderful gnome, which I was not expecting at all.

You have to understand, my hubby hates gnomes, they kind of freak him out. Not only that, but have you tried finding a garden gnome in the middle of December? Apparently they are seasonal and he looked far and wide before finding this one. I love this little guys back pack full of wood and the mushrooms by his feet. I didn't have the heart to stick him out in the snow, so he has currently taken up residence by the fire place.

We went to dinner at a Mexican place which again, I love and he hates. And finally, he took me to home depot to pick out some paint for two accent walls in the living room. He even provided feedback on colors without complaining, mumbling, rolling his eyes or even sighing. Now that was a great birthday!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Harry Potter...have I gone too far?

Have I? I mean is there a line that you can cross when it comes to these sort of things?

Let me explain for those of you (are there any of you) that aren't completely obsessed with Harry Potter. In the last book, Harry, Ron, Fred and George are clearing the garden of those pesky gnomes and one of them bites, Fred or George (oh come on, even their mother can't tell them apart). They put a binding spell on the gnome, put wings on him, spray paint it gold and stick it on the top of the tree as an angel. Inside joke for the four of them - everyone else thinks its an angel.

Too far?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Presents - check

Two posts in one day...are you impressed or what? Actually, I've finished up a bunch of gifts and feel like I've just crossed the finish line -whew...

Let's share... First, are the lovely homemade candies. The peanut butter fudge is a staple, but the hand dipped chocolate covered caramels are a first for me this year thanks to my dear friend Amber who first let me try hers, then gave me the recipe and finally helped me figure out how to fix my way too hard caramels. Apparently I'm in a higher altitude and have to adjust things. They are sooo yummy!
Next there are the paper boxes that my son Josh made. He made a few for Amber, then me, then when I hit him up for some more he taught me how to make them. Give a mom a fish and you feed her for a day. Teach her to fish and you feed her for a lifetime - smart boy.

These are made out of 12 x 12 paper for the top and an 11 3/4 by 11 3/4 paper for the bottom. He learned how to make them on youtube. Oh yes, and a few homemade tags.

5 astronauts a leaping...the girls have lazy daisy embroidered bangs. These are from the weewonderfuls pattern -

3 fabric journals - from the sew mama sew tutorials -

And finally this huge and adorable fabric box filled with the rest of the homemade caramel. The fabric is actually a dark forest green, but with the crazy lighting conditions around here lately, it's showing up black. Won't those look nice on the table for grazing. Free tutorial at Melissa's blog - ok so I'm still figuring out HTML codes - any tips on making that link appear as the person's name only?

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Happy Mail

A couple of days ago, I came home to find a box on my porch. Seeing the cute hand writing on the box with my name on it - as opposed to the type written name of hubby boxes - I new it had to be something good. I had to forge through the grabby hands that kept asking what it was and tore open the box to find this yummy Christmas goodness.

The clip board is even cuter in person. It's only half the size of a regular clip board and everything is layered with pieces popping up...mmm. The little band-aid sized box holds the numbers that clip onto the mini clothes pins on the clip board. And...if that wasn't enough, this adorable little snowman box packed full of handmade gift tags. The little sign on the box says "Some of my best friends are flakes." - Amy, you know me too well! Thank you!

Monday, December 10, 2007

White Wind

Can't blog... too busy making presents.

Here are some pictures from this weekend and a poem that beautiful, 7 and 11/12ths year old Sara wrote.

White Wind
by Sara

When we put up our tree
You know we’re ready
For the night of the light
It is royal to the king
It is royal to the queen
It is royal to everybody
Can you see the snow about to fall
Will it be hard to get presents from the olden days
Can you see the houses so bright
Brighter than the stars

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Weather Outside...

This morning we awoke to our first full day of snow. All was quiet, the quiet that comes with snow. A quiet that must be experienced rather than explained. Slowly neighbors emerged and shoveled their walk ways pausing now and then to listen to the quiet or to shout a friendly hello. Children were pulling their sleds behind them as the headed out for the first sledding day of the season. Our house was filled by the wonderful smells of firewood, wet gloves, hot cocoa and homemade doughnuts. Winter.