Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Little Christmas Break

Some people hate having December birthdays, but having my birthday 8 days before Christmas has always been special to me. I do admit, it does make it a little hard on my family when it comes to finding that special something - twice! And, who wants to buy birthday wrapping paper when you have about 20 rolls of Christmas paper laying around. I do love the birthday wrapping paper though.

Yesterday, my hubby surprised me with a birthday do-over. My actual birthday was on Monday and we had way too much going on and while he didn't forget, it wasn't as special as he had planned. When he came home from work, he and the kids sang, "Happy day late birthday to you." It was cute. Then he gave me this wonderful gnome, which I was not expecting at all.

You have to understand, my hubby hates gnomes, they kind of freak him out. Not only that, but have you tried finding a garden gnome in the middle of December? Apparently they are seasonal and he looked far and wide before finding this one. I love this little guys back pack full of wood and the mushrooms by his feet. I didn't have the heart to stick him out in the snow, so he has currently taken up residence by the fire place.

We went to dinner at a Mexican place which again, I love and he hates. And finally, he took me to home depot to pick out some paint for two accent walls in the living room. He even provided feedback on colors without complaining, mumbling, rolling his eyes or even sighing. Now that was a great birthday!

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