Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Harry Potter...have I gone too far?

Have I? I mean is there a line that you can cross when it comes to these sort of things?

Let me explain for those of you (are there any of you) that aren't completely obsessed with Harry Potter. In the last book, Harry, Ron, Fred and George are clearing the garden of those pesky gnomes and one of them bites, Fred or George (oh come on, even their mother can't tell them apart). They put a binding spell on the gnome, put wings on him, spray paint it gold and stick it on the top of the tree as an angel. Inside joke for the four of them - everyone else thinks its an angel.

Too far?


  1. Hahaha!! That's so funny! Cute ornament!

  2. Adorable. I might have to steal this one for my own Harry fan.

  3. I love this! I hope you don't mind if I copy your idea. nice to meet someone as crazy for harry as we are at our house. for the last movie, I screen printed my son a shirt with a phoenix that said 'Dumbledore's Army' and for mine I ironed on a shot of Snape's face and below it put 'misunderstood'.

    "Fred, George, Harry, and Ron were the only ones who knew that the angel on top of the tree was actually a garden gnome that had bitten Fred on the ankle as he pulled up carrots for Christmas dinner. Stupefied, painted gold, stuffed into a miniature tutu and with small wings glued to its back, it glowered down at them all, the ugliest angel Harry had ever seen, with a large bald head like a potato and rather hairy feet."

  4. I hope you do make one! My hubby wouldn't let me go as far as putting it on top of the tree, but an ornament was OK.

    I love the misunderstood idea, and I've been trying out the freezer paper stencil thing - I just might have to try one out!

  5. we used a screen print method I found on craftster. we used sheer fabric, an embroidery hoop, gesso, and speed ball paint. it's fun, but takes some getting used to. I will definitely do it again. I haven't tried the freezer paper yet, it's on my list of things to do 'if I ever get time' :)