Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Have you met Tomaso?

Tomaso is, let's see, how would you put it...our ginormous cat. I tried getting a good picture of him while he was laying in the sun, but he saw the camera and got a little camera shy. He may have been a little self conscious...does this picture make me look fat?

For being so big, he sure can move when being followed by the paparazzi. The other day Sara was bored and I told her she could go play with Tomaso. She said, "I can't. Whenever I try to play with him, he just waddles away."

I tried to get a picture with a frame of reference for size, but he was on the move. The best I could do was get a picture of him in the doorway of Sara's room. I measured him from nose to rear (not including his tail) and he was 24 inches long. Then I decided to weigh him. First I got on the scale and weighed myself...ahhhm...and then I got on the scales with him. I nearly fell and hit the scale and it said E, not a good sign. I finally got on the scale with him and could barely see over him to read the scale. He weighed 20 pounds - is that still considered a cat?

He may be a 20 pound cat, but he's our little Tomassie.

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