Friday, November 30, 2007

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe...

She had so many projects she didn't know what to do. So....she side tracked herself with a fun project that had nothing to do with her kids or Christmas.

I actually started this project several weeks ago, but have put it down then picked it up several times. Some little dolls were floating around in my imagination, but after setting my mind on some little wooden painted dolls, they were no where to be found. I went to several craft stores, but apparently everyone is making little wooden dolls this year. Rather than wait, and seeing that there are millions of dolls in toy boxes everywhere, I decided to put the doll house up on Etsy as it stands - which I might add is very adorable. If someone doesn't snatch it up, I may just use it for my Smurf collection - from when I was little. I have about 74-100 and even a little mushroom house or two. Smurf village for Christmas on the Piano - maybe?


  1. that is too cute! you amaze me; so much that I have wandered away from the lurker path onto the commenter one. I better get back!

  2. You spoil me! I've always been a lurker too, maybe we'll run into eachother!