Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Giving Thanks

I love Thanksgiving! It's that time of year to reflect on all of the blessing in our lives. For me, the best part of that reflecting is the realization that most of the things on that list include people and the ways in which they have touched my life. That makes me happy.

The highlights of this last year: Diego broke both of his feet, we moved to another state and further away from our family and friends, Aaron's foot was run over, Josh got hit by a car, I broke my toe, Josh's bike was stolen, Diego lost his job and we had no paycheck for 8 weeks, and we didn't have insurance for months.

The way I see it after reflecting...Diego's feet have both healed and he'll never jump off of a ladder bare foot again. We own our own home! Our children can walk to school or play in a creek. We're further away physically from our family and friends but it has only made us closer and we've made wonderful new friends. After fear of broken bones and surgery, Aaron limped away from the hospital with a bandage and a sore foot - and we had insurance at the time. When Josh was hit by the car (actually a mini van) he and his bike were fine, just a few scratches. My broken toe taught me patients with myself and empathy for others. Diego found Josh's bike! Seriously about 3 months later he saw someone riding it and got it back. Without a paycheck for 8 weeks? We survived on savings and our food storage, how thankful we are that we had it. We were forced to be thrifty and less wasteful - how awesome is that! No major accidents happened while we didn't have insurance.
So, while I look at this picture of a beautiful and thrifted leaf, what I really see are the hands that are holding it.

I am truly thankful in all things - even my trials. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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