Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sock Monkey - or Sick Monkey

First let me explain that I have a wonderful head cold and I make no promises to the clarity or quality of this post. That being said...what an adorable sock monkey! I picked up this free crochet pattern the other day along with the brown and cream yarn to make up a couple of monkeys as christmas presents for the boys. My first mistake was showing them the pattern. After all, why go to the trouble if they are not interested. Who knows what preteen and teen boys like from one day to the next. Sometimes pink is bad, sometimes its good, sometimes its "sick" whatever that means. But I digress...I started with the cream color at the top of the head and it was huge. Doesn't it look like a cute little monkey? I looked at the pattern again, and the finished size is about 22 inches! That's two feet of monkey! The cream color was the size of a baby beanie. I also struggled with the increases. Add 6 stitches evenly around. Now on a normal day with a normal brain, that might not be so bad. Doped up on cold medicine, my fuzzy brain couldn't handle the math. Just tell me where to add the extra stitches and I'll be fine.

I finally gave up and took a nap. Now, while I can still appreciate the cuteness of the monkey and feel the monkey love, I'm over wanting to make it. The problem is that I've shown the monkey to the boys and they really want one. When I explained the problem...two feet of monkey... their reply..."awesome...tight...sick". thoughts exactly. I think it's time for another nap.

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