Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Monkey Love and a Hot Pad

Believe it or not it actually snowed this weekend. Yes, that's right snow. Not just falling from the sky but actually sticking to the ground. Seeing is believing, and I would love to show you a picture, but for some reason (could have been that trip to the mall with the kids to buy much needed winter pants) I suffered another bought of this bronchitis thing and didn't dare step outside for a picture. By the time I felt up to it, the sun was out and the snow was melting. We couldn't even enjoy a nice fire in the fireplace because every little scent or dust mite brings on another coughing fit. From what I've read online, this thing could last up to 8-12 weeks. I'm about 4 weeks into it. As for remedies...use a vaporizer, avoid irritants, drink a lot of water and have patients - hmm. I am happy to report that today finds me much better.

Being "grounded" and avoiding the cold air does have it's benefits. Got the vaporizer, now to get rid of the irritants :) - I'm new to this whole electric stove top thing - really prefer gas, but since that would involve running a gas line through cement floors, I'm sticking to the electric. Anyway, you can't leave your pans on the stove top when you've finished cooking something or the ceramic top could crack. This has created the need for hot pads. Tired of using oven mitts, then not having any left to pull the hot items out of the oven, I pulled out my scraps and set to work on this place mat sized hot pad.

Hand stitching on a hot pad? Yes, I know it's just going to get all gunked up, but it gave me a chance to practice hand stitching and I was able to do it from the comfort of the couch.

Yesterday, I finished up these monkey pj bottoms for Sara and used some of the scraps to make an applique for the front of a hand me down shirt from Josh. Josh's pants just need to be hemmed and Aaron's are still waiting to be cut. Have you ever made these? When I moved her, a friend showed me an easy way to use a pair of pants for the pattern, two sews for the crotch area, and one long one across the inner leg seem, hem each leg and waist, add draw string. It's super easy. I did take the extra time to wash the fabric first and to serge the seems, since that always seems to bite me in the bottom later.

Those bare feet in this cold weather drive me nuts! Crochet some slippers? hmm....

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