Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ahh... Halloween morning. All across the neighborhood, in the wee hours of the morning, the beginings of Halloween could be heard from children everywhere....Mom, where's my hat...Mom, I need help...Mom, does this look right? But in the end, when they are all dressed and ready to go, it was all worth it.

Being a teenager, Aaron went for the not really dressed up, but cool dead look as "Morgue."

Josh's costume is a little hard to name, but we found the idea on the Family Fun website. It's a baby attacking a granny. Tonight we'll have to add long sleeves under the dress. Try making a baby bonnet for an 11 year old boy - that was a tough one. At first it kept coming out like a prairie hat, but I think we pulled it off. He used my old dress, a hand me down baby oufit and these old lady slippers and rolled down nylon socks that you can't see in the picture.

When Sara announced that she wanted to be Hermione, I tried to contain my excitement lest I scare her off with my uncool momish Harry Potter fanaticism. I did do a little cartwheel on the inside. Halloween costumes with Sara have not always been my favorite. Her first year she was a store bought Eeyore, after I realized that I wasn't going to be able to start let alone finish a piglet outfit. Next it was the Statue of Liberty - right after 9/11, we dressed the kids up as a solider, a firefighter, and the Statue of Liberty. Then it was Bob the Builder, yes, after many years of boys costumes, my daughter ended up being a boy. She wanted to be a witch but when we got her costume on and she looked in the mirror, it freaked her out and she wouldn't wear it. Last minute all I could pull together was overall and a flannel with that yellow plastic hat. The next couple of years were Belle, then this pink haired cheerleader from some children's show that I can't remember. At least she was happy. But this year....Hermione...(sniff) I couldn't be more pleased. At first I just bought some black fabric from Wal-mart for $1 a yard and I was going to drape it over her, but then my fanaticism and a 99 cent pattern kicked in and I went for the full blown cape with lining. The whole thing including the pattern still only cost $7. Not bad...a borrowed shirt and tie from her brother and we were set.

I love the way her hair turned out too! I have never been a good hair person and Sara's hair is a lot thicker and more unruly than my thin straight stuff. I found this great tutorial on rag curls using freezer bags at Day to Day , so I tried it. Love it! I used the plastic bags that you get at the grocery store and it came out a little frizzy so I slicked it down a little and it was perfect.

The Griffindor patch on her cape turned out cute too, but you can't see it here.'s nice to take pictures in the morning to see what I've missed in the process. I'll be snapping some more tonight.

Have a great Halloween!

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