Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Vests

Believe it or not, I'm still not feeling well and am trying to push through this cold turned bronchial thing. For the most part I've been staying indoors, breathing steam and taking hits off of my hubby's inhaler.

Today I did jump back in the saddle and finished up two fall vests that were half done. I love the first one that I made, but since I don't have anyone in the house small enough to model it, I did make one for Sara. The material was already quilted and the pattern is super easy. It's basically one piece of material (plus lining on the gray one) and binding. I seriously only had to sew two seams. I'm thinking about adding two ties on the front to keep it closed and to just add a little more detail. Don't you just love the embroidered bunny?

Sara's is a just the bare bones, but it is still warm and fuzzy. This fabric was was already quilted and had purple on the reverse side so I didn't even have to line it. I finished this one in about 2 hours. Again, most of the work was just listening to an audio book and hand stitching the binding. After modeling it for the photo shoot, she wouldn't (and still hasn't) take it off. The options on this vest are endless, patchwork, stripes of various fabrics, more animals, ribbon, buttons...hmm, maybe one in an adult size? I did take some additional tutorial pics and am hoping to post the tutorial on my blog soon.

We (Sara & I) did manage to make a tutorial on the spinning button toy. It's super easy and so much fun. Don't you just love homemade toys! It's posted top right of the bog - check it out!

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