Thursday, September 20, 2007

Un-birthday Present

Today I made up this little bunny, which was supposed to be another one of Sara's Christmas presents. She caught me in the act and it ended up being an un-birthday present. After all, today is her un-birthday.
"Daisy" made a perfect playmate for the flower girl that Sara made earlier. While Sara was thrilled to get Daisy, I wasn't so excited about the way it came out. The arms and legs were too small to machine stitch and turn, so I just used a blanket stitch on them. They look all lumpy and uneven. If I make another one, I think I'll try a blind stitch. I also forgot to clip the curves of the head before I turned it so it's a little lumpy as well.

Oh well, I'd better stop looking at it before I talk myself out of posting it. It is a completed project after all, and Sara is very happily playing with it as I write.

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