Thursday, September 13, 2007

Christmas Already?

I made these two dolls for Sara for Christmas...don't tell! I have to get these pictures up before she gets home from school. I was inspired by some cloth dolls that I had seen online and came up with the pattern myself. Too cute! The girl's light brown hair and eyes were inspired by Sara's and the boy was patterned after my dad's side of the family. The girls pants are made out of an old pair of Josh's corduroy pants and both dolls shoes are made out of an old pair of Sara's pants.
Since I was cutting up old clothes with the knees blown out, I used this pocket off of a pair to make a back pack.
How fun would a couple of sleeping bags bee. I pieced the girl's bag out of some fabric that I got in a grab bag for $1 and some flannel that I had laying around.
After all of that work on the girl's sleeping bag, I took the easy route on the boy's bag with some scraps. I had to add something special so I stitched the bear on the corner.
I'm sure she'll love the dolls, she already knows that I'm up to something. Who knows, maybe a few more accessories or some animals before Christmas. I've done a rough sketch of an owl that I've been itching to start.

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