Thursday, August 30, 2007

Project Day

This morning was one of those Norah Jones types of mornings. The air was a little chilly and gray and I was home alone doing dishes and laundry. I lit a few candles, turned on some music and by 9:30 I couldn't believe how much I had gotten done - of course you would never know by looking at the kitchen now! When the kids got home, they went threw there like a tornado.

I've been taking full advantage of the kids being back in school catching up on a few projects. I finished this apron while catching up with Wendy. She's in VA and is the only person up that I can call at that time of day. Inspired by some cute aprons in a magazine, I picked up this material in the home decorating section at Joann's and made an apron for myself. Having a little fabric left over, I made a matching one for Sara.

That being done, I worked a little on my Wizard of Oz quilt (not ready to share pictures just yet). Then a little ADHD kicked in and I had to move on to another project, so I made this adorable kitty that I found online. You can get the pattern free here: Just click on freebies to download and you will see the Pointy Kitty pattern.

Good times...good times.

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