Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Quiet Books

OK, I just finished another Quiet Book and had to share...It came out sooo cute! I made it from a pattern booklet by Norma Barnes that I bought a little while ago. If you don't know what Quiet Books are, they are soft books made out of fabric that have activities for kids to do. Not only are they fun for kids, but they teach motor skills like buttoning, snapping, zipping, tying and braiding.
I found the fabric for the cover at Joanne's and fell in love with it. The text says "mother hen and her chicks." Too cute!

Edited to add - I now have my own Quiet Book Pattern available here


  1. Where did you find the pattern book for the quiet book? I've googled Norma Barnes and all I get are quotes about a movie called "Who Killed Norma Barnes?" I"d like to make a quiet book for my granddaughter but can't find this pattern.

  2. She's an older lady that still lives here in Utah. Email me and I can send you the address that is in the front of the book. You can write to her for a copy of the book - I think it's around 7 dollars.

  3. I would love to purchase this quiet book pattern as well. I made these same designs many years ago for my kids and would love to make them for my grandchildren but no longer have the patterns. How do I e-mail you to receive the address. I am new to this BLOG thing and don't know where to get your email address. Thanks. Robbie

  4. I'd love the contact info for the pattern booklet by Norma Barnes as well.


  5. Click on "contact me" on the right side just under the spinning button toy tutorial or email me at making_ends_meet@yahoo.com

    Sorry it took so long to respond!

  6. My mom made us quiet books like this as a small child--we sure loved them!